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Vertical integration, adaptability and a high degree of specialization allow our clients to be offered a quality service at competitive prices

UNIÓN FENOSA GAS COMERCIALIZADORA, S.A. is the controlling company (100%) for the Group UNIÓN FENOSA GAS (UFG) which handles the marketing of natural gas in the Spanish market.

Our offer is exclusively directed to large industrial and power generation clients, with annual natural gas consumptions greater than 1,000,000 kWh.

The UFG project had its origin in the search for guarantees of supply of natural gas at competitive prices to meet the demands of large natural gas consumers in the industrial and power generation sectors.

The differentiating strategy over many of its competitors is its important presence within all links of the natural gas value chain

UNIÓN FENOSA GAS COMERCIALIZADORA has consolidated its business in the Spanish market since the beginning of its activity in 2001, and has established itself as one of the leading marketing agents of natural gas.


UNIÓN FENOSA GAS COMERCIALIZADORA supplies natural gas to its customers throughout mainland Spain, to meet the needs of the production processes of some of the sectors with more intensive energy consumption (paper, steel, metal, ceramics, glass, etc.) and supports the generation of electricity through cogeneration plants.