Earlier today, the president of La Rioja government, José Ignacio Ceniceros, the chairman of Unión Fenosa Gas, José María Egea, and the managing director of Unión Fenosa Gas, Daniele De Giovanni, declared open the conventional natural gas extraction and treatment project known as the “Viura Project”, a unique initiative that will supply the Spanish gas system with the equivalent of 10% of the country’s annual consumption over the next few years.

Viura Project Formal Inauguration

José María Egea stressed that the Sotés plant was a “unique industrial project” in Spain, as it was the first active gas deposit to be tapped for 20 years. He added that in the near future the installation would be “a benchmark for the hydrocarbon prospecting and production industry and a boost for the economic and social activity in the area.”

The chairman of Unión Fenosa Gas also defended the “key role of natural gas” in the current energy panorama and in the face of the imminent Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition that is on its way. As he said, “Natural gas will play a vital role in the transition to renewables, not only in electricity generation, but also in other sectors, such as road transport or shipping. This will not only contribute towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but will also help to achieve a considerable improvement in the quality of the air in our towns and cities”.

Twenty-six million euros for La Rioja

The managing director of the company leading the Viura Project, Daniele De Giovanni, explained the chronological development of the project so far and, after drawing attention to the collaboration of the La Rioja government and the local councils, he assured that, “When Act 8/2015 comes into force, introducing the tax on the value of gas and condensates extraction, the regional and local governments and the owners of the land overlying the deposit will take up to 5% of the value of what is produced every year, which we have conservatively estimated at around 26 million euros for the volume of proven reserves.”

The opening ceremony was also attended by the president of Parliament, Ana Lourdes González; the government delegate, Alberto Bretón; the mayor of Sotés, Antonio Rodríguez and the mayor of Hornos de Moncalvillo, Antonio Mayoral. The President of La Rioja government, José Ignacio Ceniceros, underscored the project’s contribution to the region’s economy and unveiled a commemorative plaque together with the hosts. The fifty or so people who attended the ceremony were then given a guided tour of the facilities by the technical managers of the Viura Project.

Viura Project Opening

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