The UFG’s corporate responsibility report corresponding to 2011 has received the maximum mark awarded by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Madrid, July 16th, 2012.

UFG has submitted its corporate responsibility report for the first time and has obtained the maximum mark (A+) awarded by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a benchmark institution under the aegis of the United Nations establishing reporting standards with regard to corporate responsibility.

The company is thus the first in its sector in Spain to have drawn up its report in accordance with GRI 3.1 criteria, including the supplement on the Oil & Gas sector. The report analyzes over 100 diverse indicators, including specific parameters for the sector in which it operates, and these have been verified by PricewaterhouseCoopers, an independent external consultancy.

In this way, the information about social and environmental aspects, set out in perfectly comparable terms, complements the legal and financial-economic information for the financial year in order to provide a more complete overview of the organization’s reality and the results attained. It is a thorough review of the company’s goals and achievements in its obligations as a responsible corporate citizen. The report includes detailed descriptions of its actions over the course of the year in support of corporate responsibility initiatives and the goals set by the company for the years to come.

2011: a crucial year

Last year was of fundamental importance for UFG with regard to its corporate governance and sustainability. In addition to the present report, the fundamental milestones of note were the signing of the United Nations Global Compact, the preparation of its ethical code, and the establishment of the internal committee guaranteeing its fulfilment. The publication of the report represents a significant exercise in transparency and a firm commitment by the company to provide and distribute public information each year on the various policies and initiatives undertaken with regard to corporate responsibility.

The report is available on the UFG web site in the Corporate Information area.