A delegation of Union Fenosa Gas clients today visited the Saggas regasification plant at Sagunto.

During the visit, the delegation was hosted by its Director General, Santiago Alvarez. The visitors got to know details of the operation of the regasification plant and the development company Saggas, of which Unión Fenosa Gas is its main shareholder.

The visit

The visit began with words of welcome from the Commercial Director of Unión Fenosa Gas, Nicolás Mateo, who gave a brief explanation of the situation of the global gas sector and its influence on the Spanish market. Later, Santiago Álvarez explained the main characteristics and operation of the regasification plant to all the guests, before making a guided visit. The clients had the opportunity to see the main facilities and equipment up-close, and to get a more detailed understanding the operation and security of this modern installation.

This visit was part of the Unión Fenosa Gas program for its clients to acquire a better knowledge of the gas business and of the different stages of the natural gas value chain. The company holds an outstanding position due to its presence in all the main links of the chain, from liquefaction at point of origin, through shipping and regasification, terminating with the marketing to its final clients

The plant

The Sagunto regasification plant is located at the end of the breakwater to the South of the Sagunto port extension, on a platform of 23 hectares reclaimed from the sea. The port of Sagunto is an ideal place for the installation of a plant of this kind, due to its privileged position in the Mediterranean Arc, the meteorological conditions of the zone, the effectiveness of the port terminal in which the plant is located and through being an industrial zone and communications hub. This plant is equipped with the most advanced technological and security systems applied to the regasification process.

Not only regasification

In March of this year, Saggas diversified its activity and adapted its facilities to be able to load liquefied natural gas carriers. The loading of the ships is, like the unloading and regasification, a regulated activity in the Spanish gas system.

Saggas, which completed seven years from its entry into commercial operation last April, has enabled the Valencian Community to be a natural gas exporter and has reinforced the security of supply of the national gas system, by diversifying the entry points for that power source in Spain.