IESE REPORT: Natural gas as the energy of the future

  • The IESE study places natural gas as key in the future energy mix.

Madrid, 28 March 2012

The national energy mix cannot do without gas to generate direct and indirect quality jobs; reduce emissions; reduce energy costs and, consequently, to improve the competitiveness of companies. This is the one of the conclusions of the study “The impact of gas sector on competitiveness and employment” presented by the Jose Felipe Bertrán Chair in Governance and Leadership in the Public Administration of the IESE Business School.

The gas industry is one of the economic motors that can help Spain to recover the path to economic growth and the creation of employment.

Proof of this is that, in just 40 years, it has become a powerful infrastructure that represents 0.5 percent of the national GDP and employs more than 90,000 workers being, in addition, an important inducer of employment in the installer companies and in pipe, accessories and gas appliance manufacturing.

In investment terms, the gas sector has invested 11,424 million euros in infrastructure in the last decade, an indicator of the commitment of this industry to the economic development of the country. The gas sector considers it necessary to strengthen measures to promote gas consumption and, in turn, to obtain greater infrastructure performance, with the incorporation of great technology, which is available to the national energy system.

The presentation was attended by Guillermo Mariscal, spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group on the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Committee; José Segura, spokesman for the Socialist Parliamentary Group on the Industry, Energy and Tourism Committee; José Ramón Pin, Professor of the IESE and co-author of the study; Esperanza Suárez, IESE collaborator and co-author of the study, and Antoni Peris, President of Sedigas.

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