Corporate Brand

The UFG brand highlights the company’s values and represents its strength and independence. Our brand speaks of how we work and how we aspire to continue working in the future.


The visual identity of UFG has been highly conditioned throughout its existence: when it was created, in 1998, it inherited the brand of its parent, the electric utility Unión Fenosa; in 2003, the Italian Eni bought a stake in the company; and in 2008, Gas Natural bought up Unión Fenosa and the capital of the subsidiary UFG was distributed at 50% each between the resulting company, Gas Natural Fenosa, and Eni.

In 2011, by then a fully mature company (third gas operator on the Spanish market), UFG decided to change its corporate identity to face three major challenges:

  • The first was to communicate its definition clearly: “the flexible company with an enterprising spirit”. This meant discarding its historical umbrella brand fed by sister companies.
  • The second was to make it clear that “it is still us”. In a context of change, UFG is still independent and competing in its sector. It was important for customers and other stakeholders to perceive that balance between continuity and independence.
  • And the third was to generate a platform for future growth of the brand, based on its own communication. We must move on from a necessarily silent stage to a world with our “own voice”.

Our visual identity

It is the best expression of what we are, what has forged our character and our values. Our values define our path and form a strong, independent brand. Flexibility, balance and courage pervade the transformer spirit with which our company tackles its daily work, in whatever area, participating in all stages of the natural gas value chain.

Logotipo UFG horizontal

Right from the start we have proved ourselves capable of innovating and adapting to the changing market; we combine youth and experience, strong specialisation and a clear customer orientation. These aspects define us and have made us one of the top three operators in the gas sector in Spain and an active operator on the international liquefied natural gas markets.

Our brand identity reinforces the aspects that have made us a leading company with distinguishing features in a key sector for our economy, the energy sector, more specifically in natural gas: the energy that moves us towards the future.