Visual Identity

The sum of the elements defining our visual identity generates an image which seeks a dynamic balance between clearly distinguished elements. Two very different features which are the driving force behind our corporate growth, as acknowledged by all our stakeholders.

Changing in maturity, when you have a track record and have come a long way, when you are one of the leading operators in the Spanish gas market. Changing at that stage is not easy. You have to be brave and audacious. The wager and the outcome: combine balance and drive.

First adding a purple touch, an attractive symbol of breaking away. That sums up the audacity and flexibility of UFG and energy. And second, a sober, technical logo, which offsets that emotion to convey credibility and maturity.

In its applications UFG goes for containment, maintaining the company’s clear B2B profile, especially when it has a brand with such clearly emotional features.


  • A unique symbol, a human touch, a brushstroke that represents energy, but from the perspective of a young, dynamic company with boundless adaptability. A concept that recovers the pioneering spirit of its creation.

UFG symbol


  • This represents the other dimension of UFG: its credibility and maturity. A proposal with modern, sober, technical, direct features.
  • An acronym, as a future naming, which offers clarity on the domestic market and greater projection for the international market.

UFG typography UFG

Colours and shapes

  • The use of purple colours is combined with the diagonal severity of the shapes. Once again, a balancing of energies.

UFG corporate colours