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There is something guiding us, there is something alongside us. Energy is what moves us toward the future.

Since 1998, at Unión Fenosa Gas, we have been joining our efforts to bring to fruition a unique and innovative project on the international gas market.

With our end-to-end gas project, we are today one of the most significant operators on the market.

Our strategy allows us to offer the maximum in reliability and safety in supplying natural gas to our customers, so as to provide them at all times with the energy they need to cope with their needs and processes.


A pioneering entrepreneurial vision has led us to take part in all the stages of the natural gas value chain, from provisioning at source through to its sale to the end- customers.


We have a diversified portfolio of provisioning at source. The international marketing operations together with the investments made in Egypt and Oman for the development and exploitation of major liquefaction infrastructures, guarantee a secure, on-going supply for all our customers.

All this capacity enables us to deal successfully with the marketing of natural gas on all three of the world’s largest markets: Europe, America and the Far East.


We have our own fleet comprising two methane tankers. The Galicia Spirit and the Cadiz Knutsen transport liquefied natural gas to ensure that they arrive without difficulty from the liquefaction plants to the regasification facilities at their destination.


Unión Fenosa Gas is also taking part in the regasification stage of natural gas. The Company has agreements for sufficient capacity for production and storage in the terminals located in Spain thereby ensuring all its customers will be supplied and also facilitating security and optimisation for the national transportation system.


We participate in the entire natural gas value chain with a single goal in mind: to be able to cope with the needs of our customers through a reliable and flexible supply. In Spain, we supply natural gas on the three main markets: the industrial customers, the combined-cycle thermal power stations and also the domestic and commercial segment.


In Spain and around the world, we take part in projects for the exploration and management of natural gas fields. In our country, the Discovery of the Viura deposit 4,000 metres underground in the subsoil of La Rioja, marked the start of a Project that has involved significant investments in the district. The commissioning of the Viura deposit helps to reduce Spain's need to import natural gas as well as boosting the economy and creating jobs.


Union Fenosa Gas is a consolidated project supported by the strategic backing of two leading partners in the natural gas industry: Naturgy and Eni.


Our growth has placed us today as one of the main players on the gas market.


At Unión Fenosa Gas we guarantee the maximum protection for the environment in our day-to-day operations: this is backed by the recognition of international certificates verifying and accrediting our good practices.


Unión Fenosa Gas is today a large company thanks to the talent and drive of our people. Professionals with expertise in the gas market who are earning, day by day, the trust of our customers, partners and collaborators.

With ambition, with confidence. Today, and tomorrow, we will continue to build a unique project together.

Unión Fenosa Gas, the energy moving us forward.