Key figures

A leader in the national and international gas business

UFG is one of the top three gas companies in Spain and an important operator in the international LNG markets.

Its operational presence in Spain through three regional offices (Central, with a headquarters in Madrid; North, with a headquarters in Gijón; East, with a headquarters in Valencia) to deal with marketing to the industrial sector. It operates in five regasification terminals within the Spanish market, which, together with the management of its two LNG carriers, provides the company with greater operational flexibility.


UFG obtained a negative gross operating profit (EBITDA) of 13.4 million of euros and a consolidated profit of 5.6 million of euros.

Commercial activities in Spain

UFG remained among the three leading operators in the Spanish market, based on data available with total sales of 36,905 million kWh during the year (+10.5%). Sales to electricity generation companies totalled 21,259 million kWh. It should be noted that this value represents a 1.3% decrease on the previous year. UFG`sales to industrial customers totalled 12,158 million kWh, representing an increase of 18.5% on the previous year. This evolution in the portfolio responds to an optimised management of the supplies considering the sales market conditions and lack of supply of its long-term gas contract in Egypt. The volume of sales to other gas retailers totalled 3,465 million kWh.

For further information, please download our 2016 Annual Report.